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The State of Data 2020 Event

The event took place on Tuesday September 29th and Wednesday September 30th, 2020. Our first remote event brought together views from academic researchers, civil society, industry, practitioners, teachers, and young people. It was open to anyone with an interest in why data matters in state education in England.

All the talks are now available to watch in your own time without registering.

For example, watch Neil Selwyn, Professor at Monash University, Melbourne, discuss a rapid response to technology in education in the COVID-19 crisis.
Between algorithmic fairness in the summer exam awarding process and the rush to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has raised questions on children’s digital rights like never before in England’s education system.
We are delighted to have presented a series of pre-recorded, short talks from independent experts in their field. This event coincided with the launch of our report The State of Data 2020: mapping the data landscape in England’s state education system. Each session picks up on a topic within the remit of our report but speakers’ views are their own and may or may not reflect those of defenddigitalme.
There is a range of content and discussion that we hope will interest practitioners in education and data protection, senior leadership and DPOs, local authority staff, developers, vendors and the edTech community, academics and activists, policy advisors and politicians —we want to create opportunities for sharing knowledge across silos and bring the voice of young people into the ‘virtual’ room. We need to start a conversation about changing policy and practice when it comes to children’s data rights in education and how to turn a vision of a rights’ respecting digital environment in education into a reality.
Each single presenter session is around 12-15 minutes. Panels between 35-45 minutes.