Our consultation responses

April 2024

Welsh government Consultation on “children missing education” Databases and Regulations for Local Authorities and Local Health Boards (2024)

December 2023

Submission to the PACAC consultation: Transforming the UK’s Evidence Base  View (TEB0028) html and download submission as .pdf

March 2022

Submission to the Keeping Children Safe in Education consultation (2022). Download our submission (241kB) .pdf.

November 2021

Submisison to the DCMS consultation Data: a new direction [download .pdf] 336 kB

September 2021

Submission to the Justice and Home Affairs Committee Inquiry New technologies and the application of the law [download .pdf 106kB]

May 2021

  • Summary briefing on the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill narrowly on children, data and digital rights [download .pdf 121 kB]
  • Briefing on the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill (joint led by Big Brother Watch) [download .pdf 161 kB]
  • Submission to the PACAC Covid 19 Vaccine Certification Enquiry [download .pdf 82kB]

April 2021

  • Submission to the EU Commission Consultation on combatting CSAM and child grooming

March 2021

December 2020

November 2020

  • Submission to the Committee on the Rights of the Child on the Draft General Comment on children in the digital environment [download. pdf 244 kB]

October 2020

June 2020

  • Submission to the Education Select Committee related to the impact of Covid-19 on the digital environment in education [as published] [download .pdf 219 kB] and link to high level proposals [download .pdf 2.2MB] November 2019

April 2020

  • Contribution from defenddigitalme to the EC evaluation of the GDPR (Article 97) [download 364kB]

July 2019

June 2019

  • ICO Statutory Age Appropriate Code of Practice (Data Protection Act 2018) [download .pdf 1MB]

March 2019

October 2018

Digital government: Science and Technology Committee evidence [download .pdf 184 kB]

September 2018

May 2017

GDPR derogations DCMS consultation: [download .pdf 586 kB]

February 2017

The Digital Economy Bill: on opening up the Civil Registry and bulk data for policy reasons. Why pupil data is the wrong model to copy. [download .pdf 256 kB] 07/03/2016

January 2017

National Citizen Service Bill committee stage response [download letter to committee .pdf 118 kB]

November 2016

September 2016

Higher Education and Research Bill committee stage response [defenddigitalme Response] .pdf 171kB

August 2016

Children and the Internet: [defenddigitalme_Response] [HOL committee] .pdf 237 kB

April 2016:

Better Data in Government: Cabinet Office Consultation Response [defenddigitalme Response .pdf 262kb]

February 2016

Keeping Children Safe in Education – Department for Education Consultation on
 Statutory Guidance September 2016 [defenddigitalme Response .pdf 121kb] specific to web monitoring proposals

December 2015

The Big Data Dilemma: the Science and Technology Committee Enquiry [defenddigitalme Response .pdf 139 kb]
The Big Data Dilemma: Enquiry publications and Report 2015-16