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Ask your MP to stand up for fundamental right to private and family life.

The Government wants to know where every child is at all times. The Department for Education ("DfE") has started new school pupil attendance tracking on named children at national level every day. The Schools Bill register of children labelled "not-in-school" are as likely to already be on school registers in part-time school or Alternative Provision as in the wrongly conflated Home Ed category. The why of all of this is not yet clear in what is vaguely termed "Phase one" in impact assessments.

What is clear, is that the DfE wants those new powers without any new oversight or scrutiny. But that isn't safe and we are very concerned at the lack of process before starting these new national data collections at scale, which includes highly sensitive data from children, and which pose risks to the fundamental rights and freedoms of pupils.

Private and family life means protection from unnecessary intrusions from the State – it’s literally none of their business.

Email your MP and tell them what matters to you. Ask them to stand up for children and family rights and stop the Government’s latest attempts to snoop on our lives at massive scale.

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